Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playoff Pool: draft order

Bride of Kovalev drew names out of a hat this morning, and I am pleased to announce the seedings for this year's playoff pool draft.

1. Team Mom and Dad (They're still being adamant about not participating, but I thought I would offer them one more chance.)

2. Me

3. BoK

4. Capt. Sparrow

5. #31

6. P-Stone, fresh off the IR

Draft is "There and back again": we go 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,5,4,3,2,1, and so on.

Goals are still worth 2 points, Assists worth 1, Wins are worth 1 point. And of course, Shutouts are worth an extra 2
We're drafting three forwards, two d-men, and one goaltending team.

There has always been some controversy surrounding goalies. Capt. Sparrow had a good idea that we draft TEAM goalies. So instead of taking just one guy, you would instead pick all the team;s goalies. So your goaltending roster spot will be a team name, rather than an individual player.

Make sense? Good.

Some more rules about goalies: a win is worth 1 point, and a shutout gets you an extra 2. So for goalies, a shutout win is worth THREE points. And if your goalie goes to OT tied at zero and loses; sorry, no points at all. The game was not finished until the winning goal was scored, and the goalie did not finish the game with a shutout.

Suspensions: if your player is suspended, he earns NO points if his team wins during that suspension.

Injuries: players still earn points for team wins.

Benched: your player still earns points for his team wins.

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