Friday, October 2, 2009

Post-game thoughts

I don't normally do post-mortems unless it's for a Bruins-Habs game, but this being the first game with the all-new Dunder-Mifflin Canadiens, I'd like to offer some observations.

  • Hal Gill SUUUUUCKS
  • Carey Price bailed the Habs out way too many times, and congratulations to him on making all those saves. BUT: rebounds! Jeez.
  • If the Montreal management is determined to have a butterfly goalie in net, they ought to just trade Price and keep Halak as the starter. Price is NOT a butterfly goalie. He is a hybrid like Martin Brodeur, and it's a ridiculous shame that everyone is trying to turn him into something he's not. I thought Melanson's departure was a sign that things would change...
  • 46 shots on net is unacceptable. Montreal has a long history of allowing way too many shots. Why is this? The coaching is different. The roster is completely different. Bob Gainey is still in charge. Is he the culprit? Whatever the cause, it had better get fixed really damn soon.
  • The Toronto refs are as crooked and corrupt as ever. Getting shoved into the opposing goalie does not mean you get a penalty.
  • Mike Komisarek is just as immature, petulant, and douchey as Sergei Kostitsyn. I'm actually looking forward to watching Milan Lucic pound his bitchy ass this season.
  • The top line of Calamari, Gionta, and Gomez looks really good. But they still can't break out for shit, and if one of them gets injured, it's going to be a very, very bad season.
  • Power play looks very solid. It's obvious they spent a lot of time working on that during the pre-season.
  • If Bob Cole was right, and this is the first time in history that Montreal has not had a Captain, then it's obvious that Bob Gainey made a serious mistake in letting Saku Koivu go. Actually, Gainey failed to retain ANY leadership in Montreal. It's not like he LET all those free agents go--he was UNABLE to sign them. And on top of that, he let the best leader of them all go willingly. That, in my opinion, constitutes horrendous management.
It's a long season, and it's hard to deduct the end result from the first game, but I've been able to spot some trends from first games in the past, and these are the ones I noticed last night.

I didn't catch the Bruins game. Any thoughts on that from my esteemed colleagues?

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Capt. Sparrow said...

I'm so glad you get to suffer with Hal Gill this season. We did it for way to long in Boston. I caught the first 10 minutes of the B's game before I had to leave for a game of my own. They looked pretty solid, held the pressure in the Caps defensive zone for the majority of the time. But then when my game ended, checked the final score and it was 4-1!!! What the hell happened???